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Meetings/Status Meeting 2006-04-19

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

It was held on

Wednesday 2006/04/19 18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT)

Meeting Minutes

Status SUSE Linux 10.1

  • update and Xen in RC1 not working as they should
  • further bugfixing on libzypp and zmd needed
  • RC2 (and any subsequent RCs) will be available as delta iso only
  • rest of 10.1 is in good shape
  • Questions:
    • yes, smart is available on the CDs
    • yes, new package management now has the full functionality of the old one
    • vfat sync issue was fixed

Status build service

  • current work:
    • iChain support (common login with wiki and bugzilla)
    • mirror interface (distribute the built packages to the world in the fastest possible way)
    • project linking (don't maintain a complete package, but just a small patch for another package, and have it built separately)
  • upcoming: significant work on the Web UI, as the colleague helping us with this will be in Nuremberg for a week soon
  • ppc support is waiting for mirror interface
  • older distributions in the build service are waiting for the mirror interface

Status openSUSE wiki

  • new translations online: swedish, czech, turkish and italian
  • spanish wiki is outdated:
    • ask for help from the internal department that is working on the spanish SDB (mlasars)
    • wake up the language maintainers (mlasars)
  • request for slovakian -> pointer to translation HOWTO
  • asian font problems block japanese and chinese wikis (AI darix)
  • wiki graphic design project:
    • redesign not necessary
    • restructuring and/or easier navigation for the wiki very necessary. The discussion is slow, ongoing and not getting anywhere at the moment. Everybody please discuss ideas on opensuse-wiki

new mailing list(s)

  • new mailing lists requested:
    • opensuse-translation for coordinating all (non-wiki) volunteer translation and localization efforts around SUSE Linux
    • opensuse-bugzilla (see #160835)

LinuxTag preparations

  • 10-15 SUSE people at booth and conference
  • SUSE travel/budget approval done
  • tickets for !SUSE volunteers: AI cthiel
  • demo descriptions still missing (AI cthiel, all)
  • big LinuxTag social event is on Thursday, so we will go out for dinner on Friday, May 5, regardless of funding situation and later than 7pm (AI skh)
  • no IRC status meeting during LinuxTag, next meeting moved one week to May 9 2006
  • we added three more talks and gave up the 1 hour real life status meeting slot as nobody seems to be interested in it

Cleanup old Action Items

  • skipped, as all action items are tracked in bugzilla now

Q&A Section

Please add your questions or remarks about topics from the agenda here if you can't participate. We will try to answer them in the meeting.

Your Name Question/Comment
Rajko The front page design is just part of openSUSE design, as one of the ways to attract more active users to the wiki. Download should be moved to the second level, present on the front page just as a prominent link. Report a Bug has natural place on Download page.


2006/04/19 openSUSE Status Meeting transcript