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Meetings/Status Meeting 2006-04-04/transcript

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--- Log opened Di Apr 04 18:02:00 2006
18:02 @<henne> Welcome to the openSUSE Status Meeting!
18:02 @<henne> This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.
18:02 @<henne> Some technicality's:
18:02 @<henne> This channel is moderated during the time of the session.
18:02 @<henne> But it has +z set so the operator (but nobody else) can see what youre writing. So if you have a question
               or remark just write it.
18:02 @<henne> The moderator then will give you a voice and you can repeat your question for everyone.
18:02 @<henne> The topics of this meeting are:
18:03 @<henne> * 1 Status SUSE Linux 10.1
18:03 @<henne> * 2 Status Build Service
18:03 @<henne> * 3 openSUSE Wiki Update
18:03 @<henne> * 4 Linuxtag 2006 Planning
18:03 @<henne> * 5 Cleanup old Action Items
18:03 @<henne> ok

Status SUSE Linux 10.1

18:03 @<henne> aj are you ready?
18:04 +<AJaeger> So, Beta9 was released last week.
18:04 @<henne> is that all? ;)
18:05 +<AJaeger> instead of an RC1 since we had far too many open Blocker bugs and patches handling did not work as it should.
                 You might have seen all the last minute changes on the opensuse-commit changes - but no way to get it fixed :-(
18:05 +<AJaeger> henne: I'm not that fast with typing ;-)
18:05 +<AJaeger> This week we're working on getting patches working.  Registration is working now and we can install patches.
                 Both the yast and the zmd side look better.
18:06 +<AJaeger> Sorry for breaking the DVD script, that's the result of checking the integritiy of the repository so that nobody
                 can put a trojan horse into our repository and people thing it comes from SUSE.
18:07 +<AJaeger> So, that's it basically in a nutshell.
18:07 +<AJaeger> Questions ? Comments?
18:07 @<henne> AJaeger: some questions about registration
18:07 +<AJaeger> go ahead
18:07 +<benJIman> Will registration be required to install patches? , if so why?
18:08 +<AJaeger> The basic registration we do is just sending the product information to the novell server and then get back the YUM
                 repositories with the patches in it.
18:08 +<AJaeger> WE always did this kind of registration but never asked before.  We just made it explicit.
18:08 +<benJIman> I see, thank you for clarifying that
18:09 +<jengelh> Define what's in "product information".
18:09 +<AJaeger> Additionally, if you bought a box - or have our enterprise products - you can register with your key and loging.
18:09 +<AJaeger> jengelh: Click on details you get it.
18:09 +<AJaeger> It's AFAIR (ask via email for a definite answer): PRoduct name (e.g. SUSE Linux),
18:10 +<AJaeger> architecture, name of installation media - and optionally cpu model, installed memory etc.
18:10 +<Tsuroerusu> How is the PPC support in 10.1? If I remember correctly, in 10.0, YaST couldn't partition the disk, and there
                    were a few quirks here and there.
18:10 +<AJaeger> The optional information only if you enable that button - it gives us some anonymous feedback on what kind of
                 hardware is used.
18:10 @<henne> so its opt-in
18:11 +<AJaeger> Tsuroerusu: PPC support is much better now, you should be able to partition without problems with latest Betas.
18:11 +<AJaeger> henne: Right now it's opt-in.
18:11  * Beineri guesses that it also always transmits the time zone as 10.0 and prior does
18:12 +<AJaeger> Yes, it transmits timezone and IP - so that we can find a mirror closer to the user.
18:12 +<AJaeger> Any further questions?  I have to leave early, it's my wife's birthday today...
18:12 @<henne> any more questions regarding 10.1?
18:12 +<schiele> You have put non-oss disks to instead of Was this intentional?
18:13 +<AJaeger> schiele: Yes, I've seen your bugreport. I'll have to think a bit more about whether we want that for ever - 
                 it was the most convenient way getting it out...
18:14 +<schiele> Ok.
18:14 @<henne> whats the bugnumber?
18:14 +<schiele> One moment please...
18:14  * henne holds the line
18:14 +<Beineri> 162776
18:15 @<henne> ok
18:15 @<henne> davew: your question please
18:15 +<davew> Talking of trojan horses: YaST is automatically adding as an installation source on my beta machine!
               Is this expected behaviour, I didn't see anything in the release notes...
18:15 +<davew> (this is a basic install of Beta 9 and first action after reboot going into YaST)
18:16 +<AJaeger> davew: If registration is successfull, it adds one of the mirrors to your list. And was choosen -
                 together with the path that is used.
18:16 +<davew> Aha, ok. Just got a bit worried when I saw an unfamiliar source ;-)
18:16 @<henne> Action Item AJaeger: Document the registration changes in the release-notes
18:17 +<AJaeger> henne: Ok.
18:17 +<davew> Could we get a notification of that upon successful registration?
18:17 +<Beineri> AJaeger: maybe you can drop some words about the state of cryptographic package sign checking?
18:17 +<AJaeger> davew: Could you open a bugzilla report for this?
18:17 +<davew> np
18:18 +<AJaeger> Beineri: LEt's better discuss that on the mailing list with the experts there.
18:18 +<cenuij> One of the problems myself and other users have experienced with the new package management is that we are just
                now sure how the software is supposed to behave. It hard in that respect to know if it is workgin as intended.
                Will there be documentation available soon for rug/zmd et all?
18:19 +<AJaeger> I have put up some rough guide - but yes, we need to provide complete documentation for that...
18:19 +<AJaeger> henne: AI: ajaeger to provide rug/zmd docu.
18:19 +<cenuij> ok thanks :)
18:19 @<henne> Action Item AJaeger: provide rug/zmd docu
18:19 +<cboltz> AJaeger: Does this mean that the mirror is "hardcoded" after installation (instead of choosing it with each YOU)?
18:20 +<AJaeger> cboltz: Yes, that's the new way.
18:20 +<cboltz> And if a mirror gets "lost"?
18:21 +<AJaeger> Let's hope that we find a good solution before this happens.
18:21 +<cboltz> ;-)
18:21 +<cthiel> cboltz: but it would be possible to use IIUC
18:21 +<cboltz> cthiel: what about making it the default?
18:21 +<cthiel> cboltz: might be an option...
18:22 +<AJaeger> Doing it for every file would increase the load of d.o.o
18:23 @<henne> Action Item cthiel: bugreport about using as default mirror (if thats possible)
18:23 +<cthiel> henne: ok
18:23 @<darix> AJaeger: i think only redirecting shouldnt be a problem
18:23 +<cthiel> darix: we'll figure it out
18:23 @<darix> cthiel: think so
18:23 @<henne> exactly. not now
18:24 @<henne> benJIman: ask again
18:24 +<benJIman> Could you explain what will be considered a blocker bug for release?, the package management support in yast/rug
                  still has numerous issues when it works at all, and it seems unlikely that it will get to any reliable state in
                  the next few weeks, if security updates work will that be enough for your release standards or will the release
                  be delayed until the package management is in a decent state?
18:25 +<AJaeger> Sorry, I need to go now - will just take the last question from benJIman...
18:25 +<AJaeger> benJIman: Certian Security bugs,
18:26 +<AJaeger> data loss and non-working update are the ultimate blockers for a release.
18:26 +<AJaeger> WE currently have all the package manager hackers in Nuernberg and I still hope to get it in good shape this week.
18:27 @<henne> ok thanks AJaeger
18:27 +<AJaeger> I do fear that we will make pretty soon an update of the package management stuff - but we're giving it good
                 testing right now.
18:27 +<AJaeger> henne: Cheers!
18:27 @<henne> benJIman: does that answer your question?
18:28 +<benJIman> Yes thankyou
18:28 @<henne> AJaeger: greetings to the geburtstagskind and have fun
18:28 @<henne> ok next topic
18:28 +<AJaeger> Ok, bye everybody... - I'll answer via email on the lists as usual.

Status Build Service

18:28 @<henne> * Status Build Service
18:29 +<skh> First, some news about the frontend part.
18:29 +<skh> mls will report from the backend.
18:29 +<skh> best regards from cornelius who can't be here today.
18:29 +<skh> UI hasn't changed much since FOSDEM
18:30 +<skh> the team is working on iChain support (making bugzilla/ passwords work)
18:30 +<skh> the ActiveXML component (maybe bauersman wants to comment on that)
18:30 +<skh> the test harness
18:30 +<skh> and some other internal stuff.
18:30 +<skh> Next will be the mirror interface, and then GUI again.
18:31 +<skh> also, a press release went out today announcing the build service at LWE Boston
18:31 +<skh>
18:31 +<skh> Questions so far?
18:31 @<henne> whats the ActiveXML component?
18:32 @<henne> bauersman: ?
18:32 +<bauersman> here
18:32 +<bauersman> activexml is basically a replacement for activerecord
18:32 +<cthiel> what's activerecord?
18:32 +<bauersman> :)
18:32 +<bauersman> activerecord is the objectrelational wrapper around sql databases which is part of rails
18:33 @<henne> ok maybe we should take this to the buildservice list...
18:33 +<skh> ok, details.
18:33 +<skh> mls?
18:33  * henne has another question
18:33 +<bauersman> yes, if anybody wants to know more about it, feel free to ask me or the buildservice list
18:34 @<henne> skh: when is it expected to be fully open? any date?
18:34 +<skh> henne: no date, work in progress.
18:34 @<henne> ok
18:34 +<mls> the buildscript supports xen builds, but they are currently not used for the buildservice
18:34 +<cthiel> skh: I understand that we are aiming to have the iChains stuff ready for Linuxtag
18:35 +<mls> henne, did my first two sentences get out?
18:35 @<henne> mls: nope
18:35 +<mls> as you probably noticed we have put the build script used in the buildservice into the public svn.
18:35 +<mls> (this was the missing sentence)
18:35 +<mls> kay, let's continue...
18:36 +<mls> xen builds are disabled because we've stumbled over a bug in xen.
18:36 +<mls> we hope the xen people will resolve it shortly, so that we can do the switch.
18:36 +<mls> other things on my todo list:
18:37 +<mls> 1) implement source links and links with patches.
18:37 +<mls> (but I don't known when this will be available in the api)
18:37 +<mls> 2) implement better status queries, so that the frontent can display status changes of a complete project (with AJAX)
18:38 +<mls> that's basically the work for the next week.
18:38 +<mls> questions, comments, suggestions?
18:39 @<henne> mls: did we talk to the xen people about ppc?
18:39 +<mls> well, I didn't, maybe you did ;-)
18:39 @<henne> nope
18:40 +<mls> then we should talk to them.
18:40 @<henne> Action Item henne: talk to xen people again about status of ppc support
18:40 @<henne> will do
18:40 +<mls> thanks!
18:40 @<henne> any other questions regarding the backend?
18:40 @<henne> ok. k0da had a general question
18:40 @<darix> mls: any plans to implement version support for buildrequires?
18:41 +<mls> version support plans: yes.
18:41 @<darix> cool :)
18:41 +<mls> if all the other stuff is done...
18:41 +<mls> (Actually I don't think it is very hard)
18:41 +<k0da> mls, i cant register an account to build service. My e-mail with account info. have no reply. What i can do?
18:42 +<mls> sorry, can't answer that one (as it's a frontend issue)
18:42 +<mls> Mr. bauersman?
18:42 +<skh> k0da: send the same email to
18:42 +<k0da> skh, ok
18:42 +<skh> I'll ping the people who can give you an account
18:42 @<darix> skh: ping adrian for his email.
18:42 +<skh> adrian is and he's at LWE right now
18:42 +<k0da> thanks
18:42 @<henne> ok
18:42 +<Beineri> k0da: in the current pre-alpha phase accounts are not given out to anyone.
18:42 @<henne> more questions?
18:42 +<skh> darix: it's faster if he sends it again ;-)
18:43 @<henne> stop chatting
18:43 @<henne> ok next topic then
18:43 +<Beineri> k0da: and if it calms you, I'm hanging in the queue myself for weeks ;-(
18:43 +<skh> Beineri: just say something.
18:43 @<darix> Beineri: write an email to :p
18:44 @<henne> next topic

openSUSE Wiki Update

18:44 @<henne> * openSUSE Wiki Update
18:44 +<notlocalhorst> k, here it comes ...
18:44 +<notlocalhorst> - italian wiki will be online soon
18:44 +<notlocalhorst> - other localisations in the work, update as soon we have something ...
18:44 +<notlocalhorst> - new default skin with fixed stuff like printing preview will be online soon.
18:44 +<notlocalhorst>   you will not see much difference, and it is based on the default skin from mediawiki (MonoBook)
18:44 +<notlocalhorst> - we are testing new extensions right now, online when everything works
18:44 +<mls> (Oh, btw, we've put FC5 into the buildservice)
18:44 +<notlocalhorst>   (extensions so far: news feed/blog, new interwiki links, direct image links, list of protected pages,
18:44 +<notlocalhorst>   inputbox on page, dynamic pagelist and event countdown)
18:44 +<notlocalhorst> - soon means soon :-) for most of the stuff i hope end of this or next week ... asap
18:45 @<darix> i would like to add that it is no longer only me with all the work. :)
18:45 @<darix> notlocalhorst and frank joined :)
18:45 @<henne> any questions regarding the wiki?
18:45  * skh applauds (and stops chatting)
18:45 @<henne> none
18:46 @<darix> the skin was done by frank and the extensions evaluation by martin (notlocalhorst)
18:46 +<jengelh> the list of additional yast repositories...
18:46 @<henne> what about it?
18:46 +<jengelh> Recently, I have added my own repo to the 'additional yast repositories' page
18:46 +<jengelh> and had to done so on both the English and the German one.
18:46 +<jengelh> 1. Is there a way to have these pages automerged?
18:46 +<jengelh> 2. The ordering on these pages is somewhat strange. It's not alphabetically.
18:47 +<jengelh> Well, these two.
18:47 +<skh> probably a topic for the wiki list?
18:47 +<notlocalhorst> 1. i don't think so
18:47 @<henne> we still cant use interwiki templates or?
18:47 @<darix> jengelh: if this is covered by some templates that abstract the i18n stuff.
18:48 +<skh> maybe a template for non-language-specific content like lists of links?
18:48 @<darix> i am sure we can automate it
18:48 @<henne> skh: had to be interwiki
18:48 @<darix> otherwise it would be hard.
18:48 +<skh> ok, I leave it to the experts.
18:48 +<notlocalhorst> jengelh: please send a mail to the list
18:48 +<jdanield> what about the wikibot
18:48 @<darix> jdd: in general i dont like publishing scripts for those tasks.
18:48 +<jdanield> this could be part of the soluiton
18:49 @<darix> as i already wrote on the ml.
18:49 @<henne> darix: you gotta come up with more then "i dont like it" ;)
18:49 @<darix> but we have a base script which could handle such tasks by cron
18:49 +<jdanield> these scripts are run on the client side
18:49 @<darix> henne: ask dirk mueller about the khtml wiki
18:49 +<jdanield> the only problem is login
18:49 @<henne> i ask you now
18:49 +<jdanield> beeing not standard
18:50 @<darix> jdanield: those public bots are used to spam wikis nowadays
18:50 +<jdanield> this fix the problem of interwiki links
18:50 @<henne> ok lets take this to the wiki mailinglist
18:50 +<jdanield> are you sure?
18:51 +<jdanield> the writer is ready to help us
18:51 @<darix> jdanield: pretty sure. i already helped dirk with fixing the khtml wiki
18:51 +<jdanield> ok
18:51 @<darix> jdanield: Again. WE _have_ such script.
18:51 +<notlocalhorst> :-)
18:51 +<skh> folks, stuff for the mailing list.
18:51 +<notlocalhorst> yes
18:51 @<darix> do you really think we uploaded 2000 articles of the SDB manually?
18:51 @<darix> :|
18:51 +<jdanield> yes but the mailing list don't answer :-)
18:51 @<darix> i am just against giving it out
18:52 +<jdanield> nice
18:52 @<darix> jdanield: i answered on this mail if i recall correctly.
18:52 @<darix> though
18:52 @<henne> ok anything else on the wiki front?
18:53 @<henne> not. ok
18:53 @<henne> next topic then

Linuxtag 2006 Planning

18:53 @<henne> * Linuxtag 2006 Planning
18:53 +<skh> me again.
18:53 @<henne> its always you
18:54  * darix applaudes that we are at that event.
18:54 +<skh> Ok. openSUSE will be at LinuxTag Wiesbaden (moved from Karsruhe) with a booth and a one-day conference
18:54 +<skh> called "openSUSE Tag"
18:54 +<skh> all thanks and applause go to michl please.
18:54 +<skh> preliminary program for the openSUSE Tag at:
18:55 +<skh>
18:55 +<skh> Please note especially the last two items:
18:55 +<skh> 16:00-17:00 openSUSE community meeting
18:55 +<skh> 17:00-18:00 Hands-on build service workshop: bring your source, take a package home, with practical help from a SUSE packager
18:55 +<skh> where we really would like to meet you all in person.
18:56 +<skh> (the talks are of course brillant as well)
18:56 +<cthiel> + we will be there with quite some people ;)
18:56 +<skh> yes, we'll send about 10 people
18:56 @<henne> ok that cant be all for the booth
18:57 +<cthiel> we will have at least 10 people there on the openSUSE Tag
18:57 @<henne> what about getting some non-novell personal there?
18:57 +<skh> this has been decided only in the last few days, so we start communicating this a bit better now.
18:57 +<cthiel> and some 6-9 on normal days
18:57 @<henne> is there budget for that?
18:58 +<cthiel> henne: we are figuring that right now
18:58 +<skh> henne: to cover travel expenses for external people?
18:58 @<henne> skh: for instance yes
18:59 +<skh> henne: I don't know. right now we're talking about the internal people.
18:59 @<henne> well opensuse is more then the internal people so it should be not only represented by novell people :)
18:59 +<skh> we need to find out if there is interest first.
19:00 @<henne> i can ask on the mailinglist
19:00 +<skh> henne: can you start a thread on the list?
19:00 @<henne> will do
19:00 +<cthiel> however, let's make sure to not raise false expectations, that we can't meet in the end.
19:00 @<henne> davew just said he is free :)
19:00 +<skh> great ;-)
19:01 +<skh> also, we should start organizing the community meeting
19:01 +<skh> finding out who will be there, setting up an agenda etc.
19:01 @<henne> and booth duty for people that are already there anyway
19:01 +<skh> we have three counters at the SUSE/Novell booth (color still unknown)
19:01 +<skh> one is, one SUSE linux, one enterprise products
19:02 @<henne> isnt that a bit generic?
19:02 +<skh> generic?
19:02 @<henne> Action Item henne: start thread about linuxtag 2006 on opensuse
19:02 +<skh> please do.
19:03 @<henne> well opensuse, SL, SLE are pretty generic topics
19:03 @<henne> i say that because at FOSDEM our booth setup was horrible
19:04 +<skh> henne: I don't think the booth titles are the problem.
19:04 @<henne> of course not. so you guys already plan something there?
19:04 +<skh> if you say that we need better demos prepared this time you might be right
19:04 +<skh> henne: it's on the list, yes.
19:04 +<cthiel> henne: the booth will be set up by, we are talking to them at the moment
19:05 +<skh> cthiel: but we bring the demos. and the knowledge.
19:05 @<henne> skh: please start doing this coordination on the mailinglist
19:05 @<henne> or here
19:05 +<cthiel> exactly, that's why we need to coordinate this -- I'm planning to get on the phone with the folks tomorrow...
19:05 +<cthiel> skh: let's set up a confcall
19:05 +<skh> henne: yes.
19:05  * skh shoots cthiel ;-)
19:06 @<henne> how about an extra linuxtag meeting?
19:06 +<skh> here?
19:06 @<henne> to figure these things out
19:06 +<cthiel> on IRC?
19:06 @<henne> yes
19:06 @<henne> where else?
19:06 +<skh> well, the Novell logistics can't be dealt with on IRC
19:06 +<skh> but apart from that, any time.
19:06 +<cthiel> we will need to clear some things up first
19:06 @<henne> i dont talk about the novell logistics
19:06 +<skh> henne: I know.
19:07 +<skh> next week Tuesday?
19:07 +<skh> or is that too late?
19:07 +<cthiel> henne: let's decided on this tomorrow, as soon as we have some more feedback from
19:07 @<henne> next week tuesday sounds ok for me
19:08 @<henne> untill then we should know whos comming and things like that
19:08 +<skh> AI skh: set up IRC meeting to prepare linuxtag 2006
19:08 @<henne> :)
19:08 @<henne> anything else for this topic? any questions?
19:08 +<Beineri> will there be new t-shirts? ;-)
19:09  * henne slaps Beineri 
19:09 +<skh> Beineri: you prepare your 10.1 demo
19:09 +<jengelh> What demo?
19:09 +<skh> jengelh: we plan a 10.1 talk
19:09 @<henne> ok so nothing on this topic
19:09 +<cthiel> jengelh: we will be doing some 10.1 demos
19:09 +<cthiel> I don't think so
19:09 @<henne> my favourite one
19:09 +<skh> jengelh: to show off all the new features etc.
19:09 +<jengelh> what's that, compared to a live cd?
19:10 +<skh> jengelh: a talk.
19:10 +<jengelh> k.
19:10 @<henne> next topic?
19:10 @<henne> ok

Cleanup old Action Items

Handling of old Action Items

19:10 @<henne> * Cleanup old Action Items
19:10 +<jengelh> Right, I'll take a turn ;)
19:11 +<jengelh> Do you remember my AI about autofs?
19:11 @<henne> does anyone have any tracking on open action items?
19:11  * henne does not
19:11 +<Beineri> 'BTW: Where's the wiki page with open Action Items? (or will it be skipped and we use Bugzilla
                 directly?) ;-) -- Christian Boltz'
19:11 @<henne> adrianS?
19:11 +<skh> henne: the AI "make a list of AI in the wiki" was not done apparently
19:11 @<henne> hehe
19:11 +<jengelh> Ah right, I remember.
19:12 +<cthiel> so, it's time to use bugzilla then...
19:12 +<skh> so we use bugzilla now and see if that works better.

autofs broken docs

19:12 +<jengelh> The AI I had was "notify the autofs maintainer of the broken docs" - the docs say autofs is only for NFS
19:12  * cthiel will get the AI component set up tomorrow
19:12 @<henne> ok
19:12 +<jengelh> I gave notice. It did not get fixed in the meantime AFAICS,
19:12 +<jengelh> but at least I got a ACK.
19:12 @<henne> can we clean up Action Items then and do this topic on the next meeting again?
19:12 +<skh> jengelh: was this upstream or in our bugzilla?
19:12 +<jengelh> purely upstream in vanilla kernel
19:12 +<skh> ok.
19:13 +<jengelh> I think the docs will be fixed with the upcoming autofs5 changes.
19:13  * henne has no clue on Action Items
19:13 +<skh> henne: I have one, and a question
19:13 @<henne> you have a clue? :)

Community tasks

19:13 +<skh> I'm still stuck with the community tasks
19:13 @<henne> the wiki Tasks page you mean?
19:13 +<skh> the page is easy,
19:14 +<skh> but I lost track of possible community tasks
19:14 +<skh> so if people still have tasks you want to put on there, could you just send me a note?
19:14 +<skh> so that I have at least an initial list
19:14 +<jengelh> URL for the current list?
19:14 +<skh> none
19:14 @<henne> skh: has a lot
19:15 +<skh> ok, I will go through that
19:15 @<henne> i see if i can dig trough old meeting minutes
19:15 @<henne> but most likely not
19:15 @<henne> anyone up for helping skh with this?
19:15 @<henne> speak up now
19:15 +<jdanield> of course
19:16 @<henne> i guess i can say yes for cboltz
19:16 +<jdanield> it's a wiki, just open the page
19:16 +<skh> ok.
19:16 +<skh> ;-)
19:16 @<henne> skh: please send a mail to cboltz. he will for sure help you with that
19:16 +<jengelh> Ah!!

non-public bugreports

19:17 +<skh> and I have another AI I can report on, if I may.
19:17 @<henne> sure go ahead
19:17 +<Beineri> someone who writes the minutes for this meeting? :-)
19:17 +<skh> the request to not close suse linux bugs (open) as duplicates of slesbugs (closed)
19:17 @<henne> Beineri: you
19:18 +<skh> 1. it is hard to get any tool support for that
19:18 +<skh> see bug #...
19:18 +<skh> 155846
19:19 +<skh> 2. this question affects the internal organisation of suse r&d and is a topic for discussion in the project 
             manager meeting
19:19 +<skh> 3. for now we can't do much but ask people to take care when closing bugs as duplicate.
19:20 +<skh> 4. we should have a solution for the next round of enterprise products, whenever they happen (2007? 2008?)
19:20 +<skh> sorry that this is such a PITA
19:20 +<jengelh> 4. Look at how others do it and reproduce ;)
19:20 @<darix> jengelh: do you know many other that are in the same situation?
19:20 +<skh> and AI skh: at the next internal developer meeting, ask people to take care when closing bugs as duplicate
19:21 +<jengelh> darix : Not really. If I was to guess, I would say Redhat.
19:21 +<skh> unfortunately I don't know anything about redhat's internal processes...
19:22 +<skh> that's it from me
19:22 @<henne> ok anything else?
19:22 +<Beineri> jengelh: I read something about Fedora and Redhat not being the same code base, dunno if true.
19:22 @<henne> stop chatting please
19:23 @<henne> ok
19:24 @<henne> then we can call it a day or?

contact to local Novell office

19:24 +<notlocalhorst> the question from jdd?
19:24 @<henne> ah
19:24 @<henne> jdanield: can you repeat it?
19:24 +<jdanield> yes
19:24 +<jdanield> I would know if we can have
19:24 +<jdanield> a contact with local Novell
19:24 +<jdanield> companies
19:25 +<jdanield> for example to have infos about
19:25 +<jdanield> local vendors
19:25 +<jdanield> local meetings...
19:25 +<cthiel> jdanield: I have already sent you an email on that some weeks ago but didn't get an answer so far
19:25 +<jdanield> may I cntact them?
19:25 +<cthiel> jdanield: what do you expect from those kind of contacts?
19:25 +<skh> problem is, I have no idea about the Novell organisations in other countries
19:25 +<jdanield> I see infos about Novell
19:25 +<jdanield> on the papers
19:25 +<jdanield> if they concern Linux
19:25 +<jdanield> should we not know
19:25 +<notlocalhorst> i was in paris 2 times ...
19:26 +<jdanield> them first?
19:26 +<skh> and I don't know how familiar they are with openSUSE, to be honest
19:26 +<cthiel> jdanield: those novell organisations are mainly sales / marketing focused.
19:26 +<jdanield> just
19:26 +<skh> notlocalhorst: and?
19:26 +<jdanield> we have work to do
19:26 +<jdanield> on this direction
19:26 +<jdanield> suse had probelm in France time ago
19:26 +<notlocalhorst> worked with the press agency, and some novell guys ... i can try to make a contact
19:26 +<cthiel> jdanield: don't expect novell fr to fix this
19:26 +<jdanield> we have place to get
19:26 +<jdanield> (I didn't get the mail)
19:26 +<skh> cthiel: that doesn't mean they shouldn't care about opensuse communities.
19:27 +<jdanield> I can contact them
19:27 @<henne> ok notlocalhorst can you work with jdanield on that?
19:27 +<jdanield> but I don't want to make mistakes
19:27 +<jdanield> there is a local novell
19:27 +<cthiel> skh: no, but they will most likely have other fish to fry ;)
19:27 +<jdanield> place near me, in Toulouse
19:27 +<notlocalhorst> sure
19:27 +<skh> jdd: you're right, it's better to ask if we may have a contact ;-)
19:27 +<skh> but we just can't promise anything as we don't know them any better than you do
19:27 +<jdanield> OK so I can go?
19:28 @<henne> jdanield: ok please work with notlocalhorst he might have some old contact in france
19:28 +<jdanield> I don't ask to anything from you
19:28 +<jdanield> but don't want to kill any action you do :-)
19:28 +<notlocalhorst> :-)
19:28 @<henne> jdanield: it was right of you to ask
19:28 +<jdanield> so I can speak for opensuse?
19:28 @<henne> jdanield: please talk to notlocalhorst (martin)
19:29 +<jdanield> no problem
19:29 +<jdanield> thats all for me
19:29 @<henne> okay
19:29 +<skh> food!
19:29 @<henne> anything else?
19:29 +<cthiel> pawar!
19:29 @<henne> Ok thank you all for participating. The next meeting will take place in 2 weeks
--- Log closed Di Apr 04 19:29:52 2006