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Meetings/Status Meeting 2006-04-04

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This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

It was held on

Tuesday 2006/04/04 18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT)

Meeting Minutes

Status SUSE Linux 10.1

AJaeger reported on the status of 10.1.

Beta9 has been released and was not named RC1 due to the number of open blocker bugs. and patch handling not working.

AJaeger clarified the situation with regard to registration for updates. Some product information (viewable) would be sent to the server for purposes of choosing a local mirror. A list of YUM repositories would be returned. This was done before in previous versions but now the user is given a choice.

Action Item: AJaeger will document the registration changes in the release-notes.

PPC support in 10.1 is now much better and the partitioning works.

cenuij asked whether documentation would be available for RUG/ZMD to aid in testing and use of these.

Action Item: AJaeger will provide rug/zmd documentation.

Cboltz raised the potential problem of an automatically chosen mirror no longer being accessable.

Action Item: Cthiel will open a bug report about using as default mirror.

benJIman asked what would be considered a blocker bug for release. AJaeger explained that Security and non-working security updates would be the ultimate blocker bugs. He still hopes to get the package management in good shape this week.

Status Build Service

skh reported that little of the frontend component had changed since FOSDEM, the team are currently working on iChain support to allow users to use their Novell accounts. The next stage will be the mirror interface and more GUI work.

skh did not have a specific date that the build service would be open to all.

mls reported on the status of the backend. The script used in the build service is now in the public svn repository. He explained that xen builds are currently disabled due to a xen bug which they are working with the xen people to get resolved.

Still to be implemented are:

  1. Source links and links with patches.
  2. Better status queries, so that the frontend can display status changes of a complete project (with AJAX)
 Action Item: Henne will talk to the xen people again regarding status of ppc support.

openSUSE Wiki Update

notlocalhorst reported on the wiki status. The Italian localisation will be online soon, other localisations are also in the works. A new default skin will go live soon which fixes issues with print preview.

jengelh asked about the possibility of automerging different language pages, and how the different language pages were ordered. This will be further discussed on the wiki mailing list.

Linuxtag 2006 Planning

skh reported that openSUSE will have a booth and one-day conference at LinuxTag. There will be approximately 10 SUSE people attending and 3 counters:, SUSE Linux, and Enterprise Products. A preliminary schedule is available at

Henne asked whether there is a budget for travel expenses for those not employed by Novell to attend LinuxTag. Henne will start a thread on the list to discuss this and the agenda.

 Action Item skh: Set up IRC meeting to prepare LinuxTag 2006 (Date and time to be confirmed)

Cleanup old Action Items

The action item to make a list of action items on the wiki was not done. Cthiel will set up bugzilla component for Action Items instead.

Jengelh reported on his action item to report broken autoFS documentation to the maintainer. The documentation should be fixed with the upcoming autofs5 release.

Community tasks will be collected at the Tasks page

skh reported on an Action Item to not close SUSE Linux bugs (open) as duplicates of SLES bugs (closed). Tool support for this problem is difficult, and the issue effects SUSE r&d organisation. This will be discussed at a project manager meeting. All that can be done at present is to ask people to take care when closing bugs as duplicates. A solution should be available by the next round of enterprise products.

Q&A Section

Please add your questions or remarks about topics from the agenda here if you cant participate. We will try to answer them in the meeting.

Your Name Question
Who What
jdd (jdanield on IRC) can we have a contact with Novell France

That is: localized wikis are a task force to help Novell regional commercials. On the same way, there are some local info that should be given through localized wikis. All this (and others things) makes it very usefull to have personal contacts width somebody in the local Novell division. I mean more commercial contact (or news releases like-how do you say "attaché de presse"?). Jdd sysop


2006/04/04 openSUSE Status Meeting transcript