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Hannes Reinecke

Dr. Hannes Reinecke sharing his brain at Brainshare 2005 in Barcelona.

I have worked with Linux nearly all the time, starting with 0.95 if memory serves well (still remember the discussion whether it might a sensible thing to step directly to 0.95 and omit all the intermediate numbers, as Linux was deemed stable enough at that time). Probably doesn't make me that special, only proves that I've been around for quite a while.

Anyhow, I'm doing the zSeries part of SUSE (together with Uli and Ihno), meaning fixing up the odd architectural quirk or persuading the others that there are machines with more than two harddrives. Or none at all. And that not all machines have a VGA display.

When I'm not doing any of the above I'm probably trying to solve some fancy SCSI issue or hammering the iSCSI driver. Or trying to fix yet another really interesting multipathing bug. And actually you'll probably blame me if your machine doesn't find its root filesystem, as I'm the maintainer of our all-time favourite 'mkinitrd'.

And if I still do have some free time after that I'm trying to reactivate obsolete hardware like Alpha AXP or DECstation.

Actually, I got an upgrade for my monitor stand. I'm now the happy owner of For those who are not familiar with that machine it's a HP 712/80 aka Gecko.