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Graphic freez while switching to text

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Version: 10.1

Switching from graphic- to textmode graphic freezes but the system is still running.


Your graphic freezes while you switch from graphic mode to text mode using Ctrl + Alt + F1? You are perhaps using a vesa driver?


Log in to the terminal as root and look at the SaX2 output:

sax2 -p

Or you can look at the etc/X11/xorg.conf This should look like:

Section "Device"
BoardName   "yourBoard"
BusID       "0:2:0"
Driver	     "vesa"
Identifier  "Device[0]"

If it points out that "vesa" drivers are installed you have to reconfigure your card. If there is a driver available for your card you can look up with

ls /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drviers/

If your driver isn't located there use framebuffer instead. Install framebuffer with

 sax2 -m 0=fbdev

Save the configuration and restart the x-server with:

Ctrl + Alt + Backspace

Now you could switch between graphic- and texmode without freezing.