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Feature Wishlist/Hardware support

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Support for LightScribe tecnology

There is no way to use LightScribe[1] on linux...

Support for LCD monitors

The Yast installer has a very limited list of LCD panels fully supported (see 10.1 Hardware Compatibility - Monitors). For example the HP 1702 I use can rotate under the W* driver (allowing "portrait" view), not so with Suse. Yamaplos 18:31, 9 June 2006 (UTC)

Support for cell phones

Driver support for cell phones would be great for it would grant Linux users the same comfort using groupware applications like Kontact or Evolution as Microsoft Windows users already have using Outlook. Especially a possibility for synchronizing cell phones with groupwareapps is quite interesting. I stumbled upon this issue trying to sync my Nokia 6230i with Kontact.

ATI-cards support

NVIDIA driver can be install with YOU. For ATI Driver a lot of commands should be enter in the Konsole to install. An easier way will be a must.

[Comment: We will not ship any non GPL kernel modules and not offer any download solution via YOU. Most developers of the kernel community consider non-GPL kernel modules to be infringing on their copyright. Novell does respect this position, and will no longer distribute non-GPL kernel modules as part of future products. Novell is working with vendors to find alternative ways to provide the functionality that was previously only available with non-GPL kernel modules. (aj)]

[Comment: For now use the ATI Installer HOWTO to install this driver. (sndirsch)]

Full winmodem and wireless card support

My wireless and winmodem are not working. You could work toghether with people from and to solve this. As a result, this computer is no more than a mere keyboard when I am running Linux. You want wide usage? Make it easy for the end user to configure the unconfigurable: the modem and the wireless. Right now, there is no reason for me to switch to Linux / Suse from XP (which already came with this computer...)

[Comment: Unfortunately there're no Open Source drivers for most of these, so we cannot add them to our open source edition. We make the drivers that we have available at a separate place and put them also into the retail product which contains some non Open Source Software. --A jaeger 03:40, 27 Sep 2005 (MDT)]

[Comment: This isssue can only be solved by the manufacturers of said hardware. SUSE is proud to ship drivers of high quality whose source is available. All binary only drivers for wireless cards and winmodems are known to crash your machine or corrupt your data from time to time which is not acceptable at all. If you still want to run network drivers from another operating system with ndiswrapper, you can do so easily because SUSE ships ndiswrapper in its kernel.

If you really want to get this fixed, you have three choices:

  • Get hardware manufacturers to release drivers for their hardware (really unlikely)
  • Get hardware manufacturers to release specifications for their hardware (somewhat likely)
  • Help with reverse engineering binary only drivers and test the open source driver created from that (a lot of work, but can be done) --Kernelhacker 06:55, 27 Sep 2005 (MDT)]

What I do miss is a support for wpa_supplicant in yast. To run WLAN-cards with ndiswrapper is supported in yast, but for wpa_supplicant I have to create a separate script, a conf-file and so on. Thank you

  • WPA works for me using YaST and my Intel Pro2200 in SuSE 10, though oddly enough, using a very long key causes the signal strength to go up and down, perhaps because it can't handle it. Are you saying it only does not work with ndiswrapper? --eagle-64 20:05, 12 Okt 2005 (MDT)]

Support for SiS 190 Ethernet Adapter

I have SiS 190 ethernet adapter on my machine. But, SUSE10.0 did not detect it. I had to hunt for the appropriate driver, download the kernel sources and the recompile the kernel with support for SiS 190 to get it working. It will be worthwhile to build-in support for SiS 190 ethernet adapter to save other users of going through this mammoth task to get their adapter working.

  • Not sure what you mean. There is no mention of a SiS 190 Ethernet adapter on their website, but they do have a SiS900, and that has been long supported in the kernel. -- ne0_4nders0n 15:11:49 EST Oct 24,2005

Palm Zire 31 Support out of Box

I have SUSE 9.3 with a Zire 31 and it will not be reconized by KPilot. After searching the internet, I found out how to fix it, but it really should be easier. I have SUSE 10.0 with Tungsten T3 and now at least it is recognised by KPilot but the syncing - especially with the address book is not very good (misses out lots of fields). Also a bit confusing to have KPilot (which works), Multisync and KitchenSync (the latter two don't seem to work at all).

Support for ov511 based webcams

The kernel driver for the ov511 webcams will not support Philips ToUCam II e.g. A shell script could be usefull to install the unstable version ov511-2.28 after applying recent patches.

Comment: Maybe you could throw some support into a more generic project such as [Linux UVC driver and tools] to add a definitive solution to the webcam area.