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Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Obsessed with efficiency and solving problems other people claim to be insolvable.

Things I've done:

  • Invented Delta-RPMs.
  • Built a first userspace ATARAID detection code for kernel 2.6, some of the code has been integrated into dmraid.
  • Reverse engineered the binary-only nvnet (nForce ethernet) driver and written a specification on which forcedeth is based.
  • Implemented a more nasty and powerful (from a networking perspective) variant of BackOrifice in Java, being able to tunnel anything over HTTPS or SSH.
  • Hacked on and maintained IP-Personality (to fool anyone scanning you with nmap -O) for some time.
  • Created network management and threat containment software for a 2500 host switched ethernet (student network) where the hosts are heterogenous (OS, version, language), mostly unpatched and virus-ridden, malicious users liked to have fun, the switches only support layer 2 management and the Cisco Pix providing access to the world rebooted itself about 230 times a day. Since deploying the software, the number of incidents is stable at 0.1% of the previous level and people have learned to become responsible users.
  • Worked at a security consulting company.
  • Implemented suspend-to-RAM support with framebuffer on a Samsung P35 notebook.
  • Worked on "intelligent" data rescue algorithms.
  • Allocated too much time for writing this list.