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This article should cover general Hardware troubleshooting (general steps, which logs, diagnostics of different hardware types), and not a long list of specific models and components.

Via Rhine II NIC - VT6102 - Sorun Giderme

I had several troubles with this NIC and SuSE 9.3... After many tests the disgnostic was bad PHY/MAC on the NIC wich comes builtin on a Biostar 8668 Mainboard. The message reported at boot was 0x786d status which means cable or transceiver problems, I disabled the onboard NIC and installed a PCI one which is working very fine. I just wrote this because there is too few documentation about PHY or MAC status codes. Good Luck!

--Rothware 12:07, 21 Sep 2005 (MDT)

Aygıtların(CD / DVD) Otomatik Bağlanması

This applies to all versions that use subfs and HAL/DBUS automount. If you can't get your DVD or CDROM to automatically mount, do this:

  • check in YaST / Hardware / CD-ROM Drives whether they are detected correctly and added into the system.
  • check for YOU updates for HAL and D-BUS packages and install them.
  • check whether devices in /dev have the right permissions (hdb, hdc, hdd, etc) and if the symbolic links dvdrom, cdrom, cdrecorder and dvdram etc. point to the right device nodes. (I had all of those point to hdc which made automounting of my DVD-RAM (hdc) fail!)

This made me succeed in fixing my problems, and now automounting works fine.

If automounting not work after this steps, make a bugreport and attach the output of 'lshal' with a (not automatically mounted) CD/DVD in the device to the report.

Enforcer2 10:37, 21 Oct 2005 (MDT)

Kurulumdan Sonra Dizüstü Monitöründe Görüntü Yok

Kurulumdan sonra makinayı açtığınızda,monitör hiçbir şey göstermiyorsa,şunları yapın:

  • Güvenli modda makinayı açın
  • root olarak oturum açın
  • Komut satırında şunu yazın: sax2 -m 0=vesa
  • Video ayarlarını yapın ve test edin
  • Normal modda makinayı açın

--ruts 11:05, 25 Jan 2006 (MST)