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This page is used to store the map data for the Community Map, see that page for more information.

The format for adding your coordinates to this page is to add a line as follows (map_user is the name of the template): {{map_user|<latitude>|<longitude>|<Label>|<Description>|<URL>}}

  1. Novell Inc
  2. SUSE Linux Products GmbH
  3. inttools + buildservice office
  4. Crouse
  5. Christian Boltz
  6. Pascal Bleser
  7. Robert Schiele
  8. Mauricio Teixeira
  9. jdd
  10. Mike Dolan
  11. Boyd Lynn Gerber
  12. Pflodo
  13. WCuestas
  14. Aldoduco
  15. tom
  16. kesselborn
  17. Bill-Barriere
  18. Richard Witt
  19. Wolfgang Speiser
  20. Maconulaff
  21. Timo Hoenig
  22. LGLisle
  23. Tristan Hoffmann
  24. Peter Vyvey
  25. Slava Kozyrev