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openSUSE:Software Overview

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Writing software overview should be similar and contain standard titles and sections all over the wiki. This will make easier for openSUSE users to find relevant elements.

Short description

Start with short description before any title, so that article title, like here "OpenSUSE:Writing Software Overview", is just above the paragraph. Please skip title over the first paragraph like "About", "Introduction", " or similar. First it is expected that you are writing about, or making an introduction, to the topic mentioned in article title, in first paragraph. Second is because that will put automatically generated index to the top of the article. In case of article with long index that will push relevant content down, forcing every reader, every page visit, to scroll down, just to be able to see what the article is about, is that what he/she is looking for.

The short introduction of software should contain:

  • Category and sub category it belongs:
    • amusement:
    • educational:
    • internet:
    • multimedia:
    • graphics:
    • system:
      • installation,
      • configuration,
  • Intended user category:
    • personal (home):
    • office:
    • enterprise:
    • public
  • Intended hardware category:
    • desktop
    • laptop
    • workstation
    • server
  • Benefits
    • problems it solves
    • what it is doing better that other similar

Feel free to add more categories and subcategories that will best describe application that you write about.

Recent Version

  • The most recent included in openSUSE version,
  • The most recent stable and development from authors.

How to obtain

Where to find:

  • included in openSUSE distribution (supported)
  • not supported, but has rpm built for distribution


  • requirements
    • hardware
    • software
  • settings (configuration)
    • administrative
    • user


  • status of help files included with software
  • where and whom to contact for advice
    • email
    • mail lists
    • usenet news groups
  • where to report documentation errors and bugs
    • email address(es)
    • web forms

Tips and tricks

  • little things that make life easier

See Also

  • related applications,
  • howto's,
  • articles

External Links

  • home page
  • FAQ
  • documentation
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