ZMD/Libzypp Troubleshooting

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This page try to provide the most fresh documentation about workarounds and fixes in ZMD/Libzypp world.

rug can't add new unsigned repositories

If you're trying to add a custom repository and you got an error like this:

# rug sa --type=YUM foobar-sles

Adding YUM service                                                                                                                     
ERROR: Could not add '': Failed
to parse XML metadata: Unsigned file '/repodata/repomd.xml

Solution 1: Have the repository cryptographically signed

For YUM repositories it is a very easy process, documented in Secure Installation Sources.

Solution 2: As root, run the next command

rug set security-level checksum 

and then try to add it again. You will be able to see the repository and the catalog.

Note that this is unsecure and allows remote attackers that are able to modify this repository or your internet access to run code on your machine.