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Please note !

This document is a draft! - A proof-reading by an editor and native speaker is needed.
Some parts of the text need a review by a native speaker and sometimes you will find some German text.
YaST is a rapid development project. In many cases we decided to use schematic illustrations to show the basic principles of the YaST design.
Often the screenshots of real examples shown in this document will not reflect the current design of YaST.

New and old design

There will be some changes in the YaST design during the next time. Personnel resources do not make it possible to write separated YaST Style Guides for the old and new version. Sometimes you will find some demands that are already not implemented in the current distributions SL 9.1/SLES 9, but we are working on it. Sometimes two versions of illustrations are available. The new design is labeled with “TNG�? for “The Next Generation�?. In this context, some of the illustrations and workflows have the status of a design study.

Main focus

  • Some theory of usability
  • Some information about YaST Installation Sequence (YIS)
  • YaST Configuration Modules (YCM)
  • Dialog elements
  • Use of text in YaST
  • Check lists
  • Usability resources

Information about technical background

At the moment it is not possible to add text or links to technical background information to this document. You will not find any information about YCP or Ncurses language. Put it's in the pipeline. Hints to further documentation about YCP, qt, Ncurses and the used widgets are planned.

Relationship to other style guides

Yes, many of the texts is similar to text you can find in other style guides. If you are interested in the topic, see the chapter with the list of usability resources.


Send your feedback to siegfried.olschner@suse.com . A discussion list usability@suse.com is in the pipeline.

Update version

The update version of this document is available at http://w3.suse.de/~sigi/YSG/pdf .