YaST Sound

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The YaST Sound module configures your sound cards. When you open this module, on the left you will see the associated sound card number, and the card model. When highlighted, you will also see this information below, as well as which driver the sound card is using.

Use Add, Edit, and Delete to modify your sound card configuration.

When manually adding, a new window will appear where you browse by vendor on the left, and model on the right. Alternatively, you can browse by the list of associated kernel modules, or search for a card using the search box.

Editing will show you the options available for the driver your sound card is using. BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES, MAKE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Modifications here risk system instability.

The Other drop-down menu allows you to set the volume for each channel of your sound cards individually. Also, Start Sequencer lets you select whether or not to start the sequencer.

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