YaST Mouse Model

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YaST Mouse Model uses SaX2 to set your mouse make & model, and set a few mouse configurations.

To change the mouse model you are using, click on Change. A new window will appear, where you can choose the manufacturer on the left, and the model on the right.

Under Options, you will see:

  • Activate 3-Button Emulation - If you have a two-button mouse, you can emulate a middle button by pressing both buttons at once.
  • Activate Mouse Wheel - This lets you use the wheel (or scroll) on your mouse.
  • Emulate Wheel with Mouse Button - Wheel emulation is used to simulate a wheel on your mouse by combining a a button with movement of your mouse. This form of emulation is very handy for trackballs, and mice with many buttons and no wheel.

To test your configuration, move your mouse anywhere inside the Test box, and test your buttons as you please. This box will show left click, right click, dragging, middle click, and wheel movements.

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