YaST Media Check

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YaST Media Check verifies the integrity of your installation disks. If you are having trouble installing SuSE Linux on another computer, you can use this module to check if your CD or DVD media is broken. This is done by generating an MD5 checksum of the CD or DVD media to use for comparison.

From the drop down menu, select which CD/DVD drive the media is in, and click on Start Check. The order of the media does not matter; you can check any of the CD's, or either of the DVD's. If the media fails the check, DO NOT CONTINUE INSTALLATION. You will need to replace the damaged CD or DVD media before you can perform the installation.

If you have burned the CD or DVD media yourself, make use of the -pad and padsize=63s options available in your CD/DVD burning software. This will help prevent read errors at the end of the disk.

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