YaST Infrared Device

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The YaST Infrared Device module is where you configure IrDA for your system. IrDA is a standard created by the Infrared Data Association. With this module, you can select whether or not to start IrDA, the IrDA port (make sure this is the correct serial port), and set a limit for the baud rate.

Some devices will not work using high-speed IrDA. If you find IrDA is not working with a particular device, try setting a baud rate limit around 9600 baud. If you are still experiencing problems, ensure your IrDA device is properly detected and installed, and consult your device's manual.

To test if IrDA is working on your system, bring another IrDA device such as a phone or PDA with IrDA capabilities in range of your infrared port, and click Test.

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