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What is the YaST2-GTK project

YaST2-GTK is an effort to develop a GTK+ interface module for Suse's setup tool YaST, which already counts with a ncurses' and a Qt's interfaces. It will allow better integration into the Gnome desktop and is part of Suse's commitment for a good support of this desktop.

It is a Google's Summer of Code project assigned to Ricardo Cruz that is being mentored by Michael Meeks, who was already working on it.

The work should be well completed before September and should be part of next Suse's incarnation.

YaST2-GTK had a GUADEC presence in a lighting talk by Michael. Too bad if you missed it, but you still can try it in 1st person :) -- see below.


Since everybody likes screenshots, here goes some. Enjoy. (Notice that they are not representative of all the work done and get easily out-dated -- of course, they might also hide some nasty bugs ;-) .)



May I try? May I try?

Sure. You may checkout SVN with the following command:

svn checkout https://forgesvn1.novell.com/svn/yast/trunk/gtk/

The required packages are all bundled on Suse's CDs and are specified on the README. It also tells you how to compile and install the code.

Don't be afraid of installing it -- this is just a plugin and the install just copies a file to your system, that will not be touched in any other way. It is only used when requested, and Yast will display its Qt or ncurses face as before.

We don't really need help, but if there is something you want to share with us, spill it out over mailto:yast-public@forge.novell.com.