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Xen3 Status and Updates

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Xen3 is a very new technology that is still in development. Novell is proud to bring this cutting edge technology to SUSE in an early development state. With Xen3, many features evolve quickly and some of the areas are not mature yet. Xen3 brings several new Features over Xen2, amongst them are:

  • x86-64 support (working)
  • SMP support (currently disabled)
  • PAE support (not enabled on SUSE Linux)


22px-Tick.png means "Work in progress"
Question.png means "partial fixes"
Cross.png means "will not be fixed"

Status of Xen3 on SUSE Linux 10.0

Feature Will be Fixed?
In Bridging mode, Domain-0 restart may result in non-operational networking 22px-Tick.png
In Bridging mode, dom-N was not set up automatically in Domain-0 22px-Tick.png
SMP guest support disabled for now 22px-Tick.png
Does need more testing 22px-Tick.png
Graphics (AGP, DRM, 3D) don't work or even crash the machine Question.png
Hardware support is still limited (e.g. no PCMCIA) Question.png
ACPI support in Domain-0 is limited (e.g. no cpufreq) Cross.png
32 Bit kernel is not PAE enabled Cross.png
Full virtualization on VT not well tested Question.png
Other Operating System support on top of Xen and VT not tested Cross.png