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The X11:xfce is a Build Service project.

The aim of this project is to provide the newest xfce rpm packages for openSUSE distribution.

Stable XFCE package is available in SUSE linux distribution, but XFCE family grows faster and it is not possible to put all beautiful XFCE programs to standard distribution, even standard set is not shipped on CD`s and is available only via FTP

Repositories for openSUSE (SUSE Linux)


That shows the dependencies between packages. Click on image for larger copy.

Build requirements dependency


Pavel Nemec <pnemec@suse.cz>
Bernhard Walle <bernhard@bwalle.de>


  • add additional themes, icons
  • testing


  • add all packages from standard set of xfce ( exo, libxfcegui4, libxfce4mcs, libxfce4util, mousepad, storage, Terminal, Thunar, xarchiver, xfce-mcs-manager, xfce-mcs-plugins, xfce4-appfinder, xfce4-dev-tools, xfce4-icon-theme, xfce4-mixer, xfce4-panel-plugins, xfce4-panel, xfce4-session, xfprint, xfwm4, xfwm4-themes, gtk-xfce-engine)

How to help

  • maintainers for packages wanted
  • package testers wanted

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