Wishlist For YaST

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  1. Disk Quota in GUI for Users of LDAP etc etc
  2. Fast loading and option for rendering windows in the same form
  3. Gpedit for Windows Clients
  4. .Chm files
  5. Add,edit,delete YaST moduals for example add the LDAP server modual from SLES9 to SuSE 10+
  6. Manual Log of what YaST has done [See /var/log/YaST2/y2log*, for example].
  7. Port YaST say move the hard drive from on PC to another and it still works save reinstalling every time you upgrade your computer, one of the most hated things on Windows [This should work, but you have to be careful to attach the hard disk to the same cable, say primary-controler+master].
  8. WebYaST like have an Admin tool over http similar to Webmin.
  9. YaST Mobile say boot YaST off a cd to Administrator Redhat/Debian clients etc.
  10. Store Shell Commands as a modual in YaST.
  11. Faster Apps Loading.
  12. Better Games and Multimedia Performance. [Enhanced by module yast2-games-and-multimedia-performance?]
  13. Ghost for Linux, say you can Ghost a Windows and Linux machine with Ghost.
  14. Make Live DVD of the operating System that you are running.
  15. AutoInstaller for Source files.
  16. RPM's more options in installing other than File conflicts when you use stuff from older SuSE you want to be able to use it on the newest SuSE or Redhat person moving to SuSE dont want to have the same problem as Win98 and WinXP compatiblity.
  17. More than one HDD, say you have a hard drive with 10Gb and a second with 20Gb but you have your OS on the 10GB HDD and want to install stuff on the second hdd you should be able to. [Use the `yast2 disk` and/or modify the partiton-proposal during installation]
  18. Remote Controle Modual in YaST graphical and SSH [Try `yast2 remote` and/or `yast2 firewall`]
  19. Better Laptop support like WAN etc.
  20. Intergrated wireless configuration a little bit like that of Windows and OS X, would be useful to have features such as scanning for wireless networks, profiles for known wireless networks, and of all of the general stuff built right into YaST, it would make the network configuration a lot more "complete". Mandriva has these features built into DrakConf, could br handy to look at for inspiration.
  21. Add New Hardware option in YaST like External Modems some times dont get recondnised. [Try `yast2 modem` in this case]
  22. New Server for YOU When adding a new server, it should not go to user-defined location, you should be using that button to add a server to the list permanently. [Implemented in 10.1. Online updates are solved differently, just run the online update configuration to setup your online update account and/or `yast2 inst_source` and add the server if you know some.]
  23. Simultaneous Downloading for YOU When performing an online update, YaST should be able to download simultaneously from available servers. This should account for multiple installation sources from the same server, and connect to the next, different installation source server. Too often, YOU takes far too long to download all of the updates when high speed connections are available.
  24. Posibility to hide downloadable packages When doing a Yast Online update, it would be good to be able to hide packages like NVIDIA graphics driver. An option to later "Show all packages" would enable the viewing of the hidden packages.
  25. Yast ldap server module A module with basic ldap server configuration to enable user login and mounting of home directories from a server. (automount can be enabled in the client)

Please visit: User:XTrez for more improving SUSE Linux Idea's and comments.

Note: Please, see the public YaST-Tools project for more information how to contribute to YaST. Since YaST is released under the GPL license, everybody can modify the current modules by their needs or help to create a new one. After that, Build_Service can be used for building RPMs from these sources.