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Welcome to User eXperience!

Our goal is the developing of visions for easy, clear, feelgood and clear user interfaces by focusing on

  • design
  • usability
  • art

How to join us


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Join the future

  • Installation
    Almost 45 minutes is quite a long time people need to wait until they can start their openSUSE installation. Let`s see how we can get you to your system quicker, easier and nicer!
  • YaST
    • Partitioner
      Redesign of our storage management and partitioning.
    • Printer Module
      We aim to create a more consistent YaST printer configuration module as cutting-edge for other YaST configuration modules.
    • YaST Control Center
      Redesign of the YaST Control Center.
  • Live Environment
    Design-Ideas for special cases in a Live environment, e.g. a Live-DVD or Live-CD.

Explore the past

  • Kick-Off-Startmenu
    Find out about the usability tests concerning the redesigned KDE start menu for openSUSE 10.2.
  • YaST Network Card Module
    Our goal is to give the nework card module a clear and easy structure.
  • Boot Loader
    Redesign of the boot loader module in YaST.
  • Software Management
    • SUSE Updater
      Create a small, easy to use tool that provides a convenient way to update your system
  • Taskey
    An easy to use task manager.
  • Redesign
    See how will be soon!


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