Telnet Server HOWTO

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Telnet Server

Uyarı! Running a telnet server is a potential security hazzard. If possible, use SSH

Quick Setup

  • Install telnet-server using YaST software management
  • Enable telnetd in xinetd. This can be done manually by editing /etc/xinetd.conf and changing disabled = yes to disabled = no, or by using the following command
chkconfig telnetd on
  • Start xinetd if its not running already.
/etc/init.d/xinetd start
  • Make sure that xinetd is started automatically at boot time
chkconfig xinetd on

Allow telnet login for "root"

  • In normal case "root" isn't allowed to login over telnet (security reasons). To change this you have to edit the file /etc/pam.d/login:
#auth    required
  • Then you must restart the xinet daemon:
/etc/init.d/xinetd restart