Speedtouch 330

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The procedure in this article was written and tested with version SUSE 10.0 and only for PPPoATM
Whilst there is no guarantee, it should be applicable to later versions.
If you find this to be incorrect, please help to update this article.

Getting the firmware

This explains the different ways to get the firmware.

From Speedtouch USB Driver CD

You can get the firmware from the Speedtouch USB Driver CD. It is split into two parts zzzlp1.eni and zzzlp2.eni, rename the files to speedtch-1.bin and speedtch-2.bin. To be able to read this Hybrid CD in Linux you have to mount it with "-t hfs" option. The following commands describe how to install the firmwares from the manufacturer's CD assuming that the CD is inserted in /dev/hdc and that /mnt is an empty directory..

umount /dev/hdc
mount /dev/hdc /mnt -t hfs
cp /mnt/OS9/Setup/Files/SpeedTouch/Firmware/R3/ZZZLP1.eni /lib/firmware/speedtch-1.bin
cp /mnt/OS9/Setup/Files/SpeedTouch/Firmware/R3/ZZZLP2.eni /lib/firmware/speedtch-2.bin

From Windows

If you installed the Speedtouch USB driver on Windows, the firmware could be found in Program Files\Thomson\Speedtouch USB\Bin\sachu3\ . It is split into two parts zzzlp1.eni and zzzlp2.eni, rename the files to speedtch-1.bin and speedtch-2.bin. You need to type the following to install it:

cp /windows/C/Program\ Files/Thomson/Speedtouch\ USB/Bin/SACHU3/zzzlp1.eni /lib/firmware/speedtch-1.bin
cp /windows/C/Program\ Files/Thomson/Speedtouch\ USB/Bin/SACHU3/zzzlp2.eni /lib/firmware/speedtch-2.bin

From the Internet

You can download the firmware from the Speedtouch Official Website. Uncompress the zip file, you'll need to split ZZZL_3.012 into two parts : speedtch-1.bin and speedtch-2.bin with the Firmware extractor. Copy the downloaded files to /tmp and type the following in a console.

cd /tmp
unzip SpeedTouch330_firmware_3012.zip
chmod +x firmware-extractor
./firmware-extractor ZZZL_3.012
cp speedtch* /lib/firmware

Configuring the connection

Unplug and replug the modem. Wait for the line to synchronize. Open YaST2 and go to Network Devices> DSL. Click Add. Select PPP via ATM as PPP Mode, type your country's VPI.VCI settings. Click Next, select your ISP or add a new one. Click Next, type your username and your password. Run KInternet to start the connection. Alternatively, you can run 'pppd call speedtch' from the command line to connect.

VPI/VCI Numbers

Austria AON 8 48
Belgium  ? 8 35
Denmark Orang 8 35
France  ? 8 67
France Wanadoo 8 67
Italy  ? 8 35
Morocco Menara 8 35
Netherlands  ? 8 48
Poland neostrada tp 0 35
Poland Netia Net24 8 35
Singapore Pacificnet 0 100
United Kingdom All 0 38
United States BellSouth 8 35


  • Special thanks to Linux-USB.
  • If you have a different Speedtouch modem please visit Linux-USB to configure it and add more information to this poor Howto to be compatible with a wide range of Speedtouch modems.
  • SUSE 9.3 misses the pppoatm.so, you have to add it manually.