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  • How to configure Dom0's loop devices.

The workaround is to change into /etc/modprobe.conf.local by inserting: options loop max_loop=64 in domain 0. Need to reboot the server with the change to get effective.

>>> "Linus Kwong" <> 07/20/06 2:04 PM >>> Hi research team,

I'm trying to create 15 Virtual machines (VM) images and have them run in the Xen kernel. I can only run at most up to 8 VMs, but not any more.

I realize that it is restricted the number of the loop device (loop0 thru loop8). I tried to put in a parameter max_loop=32 in the command line boot option for Xen /boot/grub/menu.lst on either kernel line or module appended at the end. Still I couldn't increase the loop devices more than 8.

I know another way to do that is to compile the xen kernel to have this incorporated. I don't want to go for this approach because everytime when I increase or decrease the loop device, I have to recompile the xen kernel. This is going to be a tedious process.

What is the best advice so that I will be able to increase the number of loop device to accommodate my need ?