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SDB:YaST2 hangs during the hardware detection

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 6.4


YaST2 hangs during the hardware detection.


The hardware does not act trustworthy, resp. does not observe to the hardware specifications.


Log in a console and execute the following command:


In all probability hwinfo hangs when the problematic hardware should be detected.

Start hwinfo anew with the following option:

  hwprobe=-<hardware_item> hwinfo

or alternatively:

  hwinfo -<hardware_item>

Whereupon -<hardware_item> is the placeholder for the hardware that causes hwinfo to hang.

Here are the possible options for hwinfo listed:

  -memory -pci -pci.range -pci.ext -isapnp -cdrom -net
  -floppy -misc -misc.serial -misc.par -misc.floppy -serial -cpu
  -bios -monitor -mouse -ide -scsi -scsi.geo -scsi.cache -usb
  -usb.mods -adb -modem -modem.usb -parallel -parallel.lp -isa -isa.isdn -dac960 -smart -isdn -kbd -prom
  -sbus -int -braille -braille.alva -braille.fhp
  -ignx11 -sys -dasd -i2o -cciss -bios.vbe -isapnp.old
  -isapnp.mod -braille.baum -max -lxrc

Switch to another console and edit the file with your favourite editor (pico in this example). If the directory /var/lib/libhd doesn't exist you have to create it by the use of the following commands:

  mkdir /var/lib/libhd
  pico /var/lib/libhd/cmdline

Now please enter the following line into this file:


Whereupon -item1,-item2,... accounts for the particular hardware.

For example:


Please gather further information hereunto from the file /usr/share/doc/packages/hwinfo/README.

Attention!: If you enter hwprobe=-item1,-item2, ... steady in the file /var/lib/libhd/cmdline the command hwinfo is only usable with this option. <keyword>hwprobe,hardware,detection,libhd,cmdline,yast2</keyword>