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SDB:XNTP Recording of System Clock Deviation Is Not Continuous

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 9.0


The time synchronization via XNTP works slower than it should.


Due to a construction error, a package contains an invalid symbolic link. Thus, XNTP cannot open the file 'drift' and this results in the recording of the internal clock deviation restarting every time xntpd starts.


Correct the invalid link manually by executing the following command as root user (observe the blanks when writing the command):

ln -sfn ../.. /var/lib/ntp/var/lib/ntp

Note: As soon as available, updated packages for the ia32 and AMD64 platforms will be released in the directory /pub/people/pth/9.0 on our FTP server and mirror servers. These packages will also contain a fix for a bug that currently prevents logging via syslog when XNTP runs in a chroot environment. <keyword>xntp,xntpd,time,systemtime,drift,clock</keyword>