SDB:Write Access To NTFS Partitions

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Version: 9.1


You have read access to the NTFS partition of a Windows NT/2000/XP operating system. However, when you try to write on this partition, you get an error message.


Microsoft keeps the specifications and structures of the NTFS file system as a company secret, thus making it very difficult to provide support for this file system.

Fortunately, read access to NTFS partitions is very stable. On the other hand, write access might damage the whole NTFS file system of the corresponding partition. For this reason and in order to protect you from data loss, only read access is activated by default in SUSE LINUX.

Recommended Solution

Create a partition with the file system FAT32 and use it for accessing a shared data pool from Linux and Windows and for exchanging data.

Non-Recommended Solution

Recompile the kernel after having activated write access to NTFS file systems in the kernel configuration. Then change the variable "ro" (readonly) to "rw" (readwrite) in the options section of the respective partition in the configuration file /etc/fstab.

We discourage you from doing so because of the above-mentioned reason. Furthermore, on performing these steps, you will no longer be entitled to free-of-charge installation support. SUSE shall not be made liable for any damages arising from the activation of write access!

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