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SDB:Using PCMCIA SCHEMES In SuSE Linux 8.0 or Higher Versions

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Version: 8.0


The following instructions and their consequences exceed the scope of the free installation support.


You want to use a computer (notebook or laptop) equipped with PCMCIA slots in different network environments.


  • Install the package "scpm", group "System/Base", and activate the program with the command 'scpm enable'.
  • Configure and save a network connection manually or with YAST2.
  • Now save the first profile with the command 'scpm add network-1'. The profile will be added to the system.
  • Configure a new network connection manually or with YAST2. The previous network connection can be deleted or overwritten, since it has already been saved as PROFILE.
  • Now save the second profile with the command 'scpm add network-2'. This profile will be added to the system, too.
  • The output of the command 'scpm list' will be: default network-1 network-2. That is, you have created two profiles.
  • To switch profiles on a running system, execute the command 'scpm switch network-2'.
  • To store profiles in the Lilo bootmanager, edit the file /etc/lilo.conf and insert the command 'PROFILE=network-1'in the append line. Then insert a new menu item and write the second profile in the append line.

Additional information

For further information about scpm, refer to the corresponding man pages with 'man scpm'. <keyword>SCHEMES,network,PCMCIA,notebook,scpm</keyword>