SDB:Users Have No Write Access to USB Hard Disk Partitions

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 9.3


As a user, you do not have write access to all partitions (e.g., formatted with reiserfs or ext2/3) on an external hard disk (e.g., USB hard disk), although the hard disk has been mounted with subfs/submount.


The access and group permissions of the root file system of the respective partition are not sufficient for user access.


Connect the hard disk, change to the respective directory of the hard disk/partition (e.g., /media/usbdisk), and execute the following commands as root:

chown root:users ../usbdisk
chmod 775 ../usbdisk

Now you should have write access to the partition as a user. <keyword>subfs,submount,mount,usb,writeaccess</keyword>