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SDB:Useful Links

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This article contains a list of links that will prove very helpful for daily operations with Linux. Many of these links are also used for installation support tasks.


General information
SuSE hardware database.
THE USB site for Linux: the Linux USB Project.
Supported USB devices
An always up-to-date list of supported hardware. Click on the item "Devices" to access the lists.

[file:/usr/src/linux/Documentation/ /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ ]

Local documentation on the drivers accompanying the kernel. Only available if the package 'kernel-source' is installed on your computer.

[file:/usr/src/linux/drivers/ /usr/src/linux/drivers]

The kernel driver sources (local) also contain useful tips and documentation. As above, the package 'kernel-source' must be installed.
Driver service from the German computer magazine c't.
An extensive collection of links to manufacturers of hardware and software.
PCI vendor and device lists.
The Hardware Book.
This page includes information on connectors (PCs, home computer, video, etc.), technical data on bus systems (ISA, EISA, PCI types, Nubus, Zorro, etc.), how to build an adapter cable, and circuits for active audio filters.

General information on ATAPI and IDE.


Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA).
The ALSA project, which has become the standard for sound support.

[file:/usr/src/linux/Documentation/sound/ /usr/src/linux/Documentation/sound/]

Local documentation on the kernel drivers for sound cards. Only available if the package 'kernel-source' is installed on your computer.

SANE home page.
Find out whether a driver for your scanner is available at SANE. ers.html

Parallel port scanners under Linux

An additional list of supported USB scanners.

Network cards ml

A detailed Ethernet HOWTO.

[file:/usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/ /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/]

Local documentation on the kernel drivers for network cards. Only available if the package 'kernel-source' is installed on your computer.

Wireless LAN resources for Linux including a Linux Wireless LAN HOWTO and additional documentation on this subject.
Home page of the developer of network card drivers Donald Becker.
Linux Token Ring Project.
We also recommend you the Token Ring HOWTO at: x.html


[file:/usr/share/doc/packages/pcmcia/ /usr/share/doc/packages/pcmcia/]

Detailed documentation on the supported cards and PCMCIA HOWTO. Only available if the package 'pcmcia' is installed.
Linux on laptops.
Index of information and documentation for those who are considering using Linux on a laptop.
Linux PCMCIA information page with a list of supported cards.


Software RAID HOWTO. O.html

Multidisk HOWTO with plenty of references to RAID.


[file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ghostscript/catalog.devices /usr/share/doc/packages/ghostscr ipt/catalog.devices ]

Local list of the Ghostscript drivers included in the distribution.

Find out if your printer is supported under Linux.
External parallel port devices and Linux. ipart/

THE LPRng documentation.
THE CUPS documentation.

Information about winmodems and Linux.

IEEE 1394 (Firewire) for Linux.
Hardware compatibility list, FAQs, links etc.


The XFree86 Project,Inc.

SEO Company.


[file:/usr/share/doc/packages/ /usr/share/doc/packages/]

Documentation about almost all installed packages.

[fm] welcome to
It contains the home page and latest version of virtually all software under Linux.

Window/desktop managers
KDE website.
KDE bug tracking system.
Website of the Gnome project.
Windowmaker website.

Enlightenment project website.

Everything on multimedia and Linux, e.g. TV cards, digital cameras, sound cards, scanner, etc (part ially in German).

Mailing lists

Archive of our mailing lists.

You can subscribe to our mailing lists here.

O'Reilly Open Books Project. This site contains some O'Reilly books online, such as Using Samba or Linux Device Drivers.
Linux Networking HOWTO.