SDB:Use of the Rescue System

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You want to use the SuSE Linux Rescue System.


  • Boot from the CD or boot floppy and select Rescue System
  • Select your keyboard layout
  • The last status signal displayed might be:
runlevel 3 has been reached
In this case, press ENTER
  • Login as root at the login prompt
Rescue login:
No password is required
  • Now the following prompt, where commands can already be entered, will be displayed

Copying system information to a floppy disk for our installation support desk is a typical application scenario for the rescue system. This proves specially useful in cases where the installation crashes from the beginning.

The 3 steps

  • mounting the floppy disk
  • copying the system information
  • unmounting the floppy disk

will be explained by means of 2 examples:

Output of the commands hwinfo and fdisk -l

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
hwinfo >/mnt/info1.txt
fdisk -l >>/mnt/info1.txt
umount /mnt

The output will not be displayed on the screen, but written to the file info1.txt on the floppy disk. The output of the second command will be attached to that of the first.

File /var/log/boot.msg

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
cat /var/log/boot.msg >/mnt/info2.txt
umount /mnt
  • You can shutdown the computer with init 0.