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SDB:Tune2fs and "Maximal Mount Count"

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara


The message xxx has reached maximal mount count is displayed during the boot process and the computer starts at once to work very intensively.


The consistency of every file system must be checked from time to time. This happens automatically during the boot process if the so-called mount count exceeds a certain amount. The mentioned partition will be simply checked before being mounted. No need to worry.


The default setting is 20 mount processes before the next check takes place. However, this value may prove too low for computers that do not run 24 hours a day. The "mount counter" can be modified with the program tune2fs. Nevertheless, please read the corresponding man page (man 8 tune2fs) and make sure you understand it before using this tool. Otherwise, you will be putting your data at risk!

Do not forget to unmount the respective partition before using tune2fs. The root partition can only be processed without any workaround if the rescue system has been previously started.

Additional remark:

Please do not confuse this message with the one displayed when the computer has not been properly shutdown. In this case, refer to the manual under this key word. <keyword>tune2fs,mount,ext2,maximal,maximum,mount,count,reached,filesystem,check,e2fsck</keyword>