SDB:System Hangs When Receiving Faxes with capisuite and Passive ISDN Cards

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.2


After receiving a fax from an analog remote terminal, your system no longer works and the computer hangs. This problem only arises in connection with passive cards (AVM Fritz, etc.) and very few remote terminals (the only remote terminal known to be affected by this problem so far is HP Laserjet 3100). This problem occurs with capisuite but not with capi4hylafax.


The capisuite version included on the 8.2 CDs uses the CAPI B3 protocol 4 to receive faxes. There seems to be a problem with this protocol and passive card drivers.


Since this problems only occurs in connection with the B3 protocol 4, capisuite has been changed to the B3 protocol 5. The corresponding update is already available on our update server and can be easily installed via the online update. A security fix will be installed along with the update. <keyword>ISDN,CAPI,FAX,AVM,CAPISUITE,FRITZ</keyword>