SDB:Setting up a DSL Connection with a PCI Network Card

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Version: 8.1


You want to configure your DSL connection with a PCI network card in SuSE Linux 8.1.


  1. Boot your Linux system.
  2. Log in as a user and start your desktop.
  3. In the panel, click the green button featuring the lightning symbol.
  4. In the "Administration" submenu, start the "Yast Control Center".
  5. You will be prompted to enter the root password - enter it.
  6. Now click the menu item "Network/Basic".
  7. Click the menu item "Configure Network Card".
  8. In the following dialog "Network Card Configuration", your network card shou ld appear in the upper menu and be highlighted. Click "Configure".
  9. Set the network type to "eth0".
  10. Click the configuration of the static address (black dot in the circle).
  11. In the "IP Address" field, enter the following IP:
  12. The subnet mask is not changed:
  13. Finally, click "Next" and save these settings.

Configuring the DSL connection:

  1. In the "YaST Control Center", click the menu item "Network/Basic".
  2. Click the item "DSL Configuration".
  3. In the following dialog, enter the access data of your provider (user name a nd password; if your provider is T-Online, check the box at the top).
  4. In the field "PPP mode", set the following: "PPP over Ethernet"
  5. In the network card or VPI/VCI field, specify "eth0".
  6. Do not change the preset value for the idle time.
  7. Do not activate the items "Activate Firewall" and "Dial on Demand" (if neces sary, these can be activated later on).
  8. Click "Finish" and save these settings.

A plug icon should appear on the screen next to the digital clock. If this plug has a red button, click it with the right mouse button and select the item "Reconnect to Server".

If no red button appears, click the plug icon with the left mouse button in orde r to establish the Internet connection. If a second plug appears and both are connected, you ca n start a browser of your choice (Konqueror, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.), enter an URL, and surf.


If you have already configured an Internet connection, read the following articl e before you prepare a new configuration:

SDB:Replacing Your ADSL Configuration

After this reading this article, you can configure your DSL connection anew. <keyword>dsl,8.1</keyword>