SDB:SCSI Scanner Is Not Detected in SUSE LINUX 9.1

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Version: 9.1


You want to set up your SCSI scanner in SUSE LINUX, but your scanner model is not detected by YaST.


The kernel module for the support of generic SCSI devices is not loaded on your system. Currently, the reason for this error is unknown. Possibly, the problem may be related to block devices (hard disk, CD-ROM, etc.) that are also connected to the SCSI bus.

Temporary Solution

Proceed as follows to load the kernel module for generic SCSI support manually:

  1. Open a console.
  2. In the console, use the command "su -" to switch to the root identity.
  3. Enter the administrator password. The input of the password is invisible.
  4. Execute the command "modprobe sg".
  5. Press the key combination [CTRL]+[D] twice in order to log out as root and close the console.

Restart the scanner setup in the YaST Control Center by means of the following dialog:

  • Hardware
  • Scanner

Permanent Solution

The temporary solution will not work after you reboot the system. Proceed as follows in order to load the module automatically when the system is booted. This procedure places the kernel module "sg" in the initial ramdisk. Subsequently, the module will be loaded automatically.

  1. Open the YaST Control Center and go to the following dialog:
    • System
    • Editor for /etc/sysconfig Files
  2. Open the following path in the /etc/sysconfig editor:
    • System
    • Kernel
  3. Append the value "sg" to any existing values in the input field to the right. The individual values must be separated with blank spaces.
  4. Click "Finish".
  5. Confirm the "Modified Variables" dialog by clicking "OK".
  6. Close the YaST Control Center.