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SDB:Restoring KDE's Default Settings

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.0


You want to restore KDE's default settings.


This can be done by deleting the directories listed below or moving them away from your home directory:


When you delete or move these files, all program settings will be reset to the status they would have after a new installation. Therefore, all setting changes that you may have applied (address books and e-mail settings) will be lost.

We recommend you make a copy or a backup of the folders or make a backup of the important files in these directories. Directories can be backed up with the following command:

tar -czvf backup_kde.tar.gz .kde*/ .skel/ *Desktop/

After the backup has been made, delete the directories with

rm -rf .kde*/ .skel/ *Desktop/

or create a new directory containing the backup of the directories:

mkdir kde.backup
mv .kde*/ .skel/ *Desktop/ kde.backup/

If you want to restore the backup with the settings, please execute the command

tar xvfz backup_kde2.tar.gz

The file backup_kde2.tar.gz must reside in your home directory. The files contained in this file are always extracted in the current directory. <keyword>kde,standard,status,kde2,kde3</keyword>