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SDB:Problems with webbrowsing using Firefox

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You can view website in other webbrowser (like for instance Konqueror) but Firefox cannot open any website.


Assuming that with installation of Firefox everything is fine, there are two main possible sources of your problem.

Configuration of proxy setting

Most of other internet connecting applications use SUSE general setting regarding proxy (in YAST->'Network Services'->Proxy). Firefox is using it's own settings. To see/modify these settings you have to open Firefox, in main menu go to Edit->Preferences under 'Genral' tab click on button called "Connection Settings". Once you are sure about the entries, accept them and check if this has been the main cause of your problem.

(Firefox uses the system settings as well since SUSE Linux 10.1)

Disabling IPv6

In case if you don't use proxy, or all the settings are correct the next step will be to disable ipv6. In order to do it, open Firefox, in address box type:


and confirm with 'Enter'. Now you should get new box called 'Filter' and a lot of different entries below it. As 'Filter' type:


Now you should see only one entry, with 'Preference name' called 'network.dns.disableIPv6', below the fourth column called 'value' you can see current value for this variable, double click on it changes the value. Just set the value into 'True'.

After the change try to go to any website to check if this has fixed your problem.