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SDB:Problems with Lexmark Z31 Printers

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.2


The printer model Lexmark Z31 prints in a very bad quality or does not print at all.


This printer's PPD file (PPD stands for PrinterPrescriptionData) contains a wrong entry.


Go to the Internet page:

and search for the title Printing system interfaces.

Below this title, you will find the PPD-O-Matic section.
In this section you find a pull-down menu called

Select printer:

Click on the small arrow to open the menu and select the printer model, Z31 in this case.

Now press the button Generate PPD File.

Your browser's download dialog will now open and you will be prompted to save the file Lexmark-Z31-lxm3200-tweaked.ppd.

Select /tmp as the target folder and change as root user to this directory (cd /tmp).

Although not mandatory, now you can compress the file.
To do this, enter:

gzip Lexmark-Z31-lxm3200-tweaked.ppd

Move the currently available PPD files away by executing the command:

mv /usr/share/cups/model/Lexmark/Z31* /tmp/

Explanation: The PPD files originally available for the printer Lexmark Z31 must be completely removed from the directory tree /usr/share/cups/model/. The reason is that these directories will be searched for PPD files during the printer configuration with YaST2 and the old description files do not work.

Finally, move the working file from the directory /tmp to its right system location:

mv Lexmark-Z31-lxm3200-tweaked.ppd.gz /usr/share/cups/model/Lexmark/

Now you will be able to configure your printer with YaST2.

Note that the printer cannot be selected from YaST2's printer database, but through the button "Use non-YaST2 ppd file" <keyword>lexmark,z31,cups,ppd,print,printer,82</keyword>