SDB:Problems with Auto Login

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Version: 9.2


When you installed SUSE LINUX, you activated the automatic login for the only user configured. After creating an additional user, the auto login has not been automatically disabled and the first configured user is always logged in automatically.


Starting with SUSE LINUX 9.2, the auto login must be explicitly disabled when a new user is added.


Start YaST and select the following dialogs:

  • Security and Users ->
  • Edit and create users ->
  • Expert Options... ->
  • Login Settings

Deselect the option "Auto Login" and save the changes by pressing "OK" -> "Finish".

Alternatively, you can edit the configuration manually:

Open the file /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager in a root shell with an editor of your choice.

Edit the variable DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN by removing the user name:


The automatic login is now deactivated <keyword>autologin,autologin,password,kdm.loginmanager,displaymanager,automatic,login</keyword>