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SDB:Printing via Windows NT,2000,XP Server not possible

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.2


When you try to print from a Linux client by way of a Windows NT-based server an d configure this with YaST, the YaST test page etc. cannot be printed.


In order to be able to access a printer connected to a Windows NT-based server, the workgroup also has to be specified. However, this cannot be done in the YaST dialog.


Use YaST to configure the respective printer and fill in the available fields.

Save your settings without printing a test page.

Now open the file


and look for entries such as the following:


Customize the individual entries manually by editing the line as follows:


or as follows:

sed s#smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOSTNAME/QUEUE#smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@WORKGROUP/HOSTN AME/QUEUE# /etc/cups/printers.conf ">" /etc/cups/

(Enter all of this in one line)

mv /etc/cups/printers.conf /etc/cups/printers.conf.old

mv /etc/cups/ /etc/cups/printers.conf