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SDB:Printing from Mozilla

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 9.0


You cannot print from the web browser Mozilla.


The print command in Mozilla's print dialog is wrong.


The following solution applies to stand-alone systems only. This procedure is not suitable for network printers.

Click "Properties" in the print dialog and modify the line:


according to the configured printer. For example, the print command for an Epson printer configured with the name epson reads:

lpr -Pepson

Alternatively, enter a command for a printing application in the previously-mentioned line in the print dialog. The following applications are suitable:

  • kprinter
  • xpp
  • g-print
  • xfprint4

Insert one of these applications without any additional character or blank in the line mentioned above in the print dialog. This approach is valid for network printers, too.

After performing these changes, you should be able to print from Mozilla without problems. <keyword>mozilla,cups,print,90,printer</keyword>