SDB:Print Settings for ASCII Texts with CUPS

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Version: 8.1


You use the printing system CUPS and want to change the print settings for ASCII texts (for example, the margins or the size or number of characters).


  • If you do not use KDE:
    1. First, install the package "xpp" as "root" with the command
      yast -i xpp
    2. Start this application as a normal user with the command
    3. Select the queue to change.
    4. Click "Options" then "Text". You can change the settings now.
    5. To adopt these settings permanently, click "Save settings" then "OK". By doing this, the settings for every normal user will be separately stored in the file ~/.lpoptions.
    6. To exit the program, click "Close".
  • If you use KDE (SuSE Linux standard installation):
    1. After selecting the queue, the KDE printing program "kprinter" enables you to modify the settings under "Properties..." and "Text". Then apply the changes permanently with "Save".
      As in the case of "xpp", the settings are stored in the file ~/.lpoptions.
    2. Once the configuration is completed, click "OK" then "Print" under kprinter's main menu.
    3. After doing this, kprinter asks whether the ASCII text data should be converted or maintained. Select "maintain" if you want the CUPS printing system to receive actual ASCII text data, as the text configuration performed above applies only for ASCII. If, on the other hand, you selected "Convert", kprinter would convert the ASCII text data to PostScript and the performed settings would not apply. PostScript settings can be changed under "Properties..." then "General".
      For example, the following settings will produce a similar output:
      • Under "Properties...general": 2 pages per sheet, landscape orientation, then "Convert".
      • Under "Properties...text": 15 characters per inch, 9 lines per inch, and 2 columns. Under "Properties...general": landscape orientation and "Maintain".
    4. The default setting of kprinter's dialog allows you to choose between "Convert" and "Maintain". However, if you check "Do not ask again", kprinter will no longer display this dialog and "Convert" will be selected automatically.
      To reset the standard settings of kprinter, delete its configuration file with the command
      rm ~/.kde/share/config/kprinterrc
  • If you use the command line:
    • Refer to CUPS Software Users Manual, section "Text Options"
      [file:/usr/share/doc/packages/cups/sum.html#4_4 file:/usr/share/doc/packages/cups/sum.html#4_4]
  • Resetting the queues to their standard settings
    • To reset the queue's modified settings to the system standard settings, delete the relevant file as a normal user with
      rm ~/.lpoptions

SDB:Print Settings with CUPS