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SDB:Package Installation from the CD with YaST2 Not Possible

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.0


After installation, attempts to install additional packages fail. When you click "Details", an error message similar to the following one is displayed:

The source medium cannot be mounted.
/dev/hdb: file or directory not found
mount: enter file system type


YaST2 has saved the device file of your IDE CD-ROM drive in a file at /var/lib/hardware. This entry is no longer correct after some modifications in your system (e.g., activation of the IDE-SCSI emulation). The name of your device file is now something like /dev/sr0. However, YaST2 still addresses the original device.


Open a console (in KDE: press the keys Alt+F2, enter xterm, and click "Execute").

Proceed as follows:

  1. Log in as root:
su -
[root password]
  1. Execute the following command:
hwscan --cdrom

The next time you start YaST2, you can access your CD-ROM drive normally. This procedure also works for using a different drive than that used for the original installation. <keyword>yast2,cd,cdrom,installingpackages,packages,ide-scsi,sourcemedium,installationsource,installationmedium</keyword>