SDB:PCMCIA: Is My PCMCIA Card Supported

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You want to know if your PCMCIA card is supported.


Unfortunately, a definite statement is impossible because sometimes hardware manufacturers suddenly modify known and proven cards and keep on distributing them under the same name.
There are several information sources you can refer to:

  1. List of supported cards on your SuSE Linux installed version:
  2. List of supported cards on the PCMCIA package latest version:
  3. In the case of problematic cards, a look at the following URLs might prove very useful:
  4. A collection of cards that work in spite of not being officially supported by the PCMCIA package:
    Unofficially Supported PCMCIA Cards:

  1. In the case of modem cards, the following page may be helpful to find out whether it is a so-called WinModem or not:
    Winmodems are not modems: Further information on WinModems can be found at the following SDB article:
    SDB:WinModems and Linux
  2. Entries in the SuSE hardware database
    SuSE Linux Component Database:
  3. and last but not least, the card manufacturer's support pages on the Internet