SDB:Notes on the FRITZ!Card DSL Configuration

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Version: 8.2


You want to set up your FRITZ!Card DSL.


First, you must start the ISDN configuration dialog in YaST2 Control Center in order to load the CAPI driver for the FRITZ!Card.

Select a network service for this card in the second configuration dialog in the ISDN module:

                Add DSL CAPI Interface

Then the ADSL configuration dialog is displayed. Here you can configure the ADSL connection along with your provider.

Select the following as PPP mode:

	        Capi for ADSL

Select the required start mode under "Device activation".
After confirming your selection, the provider's configuration dialog is displayed. Here you can select your provider.

When setting up the DSL functionality (DSL module in the network devices section), you have to press the "Configure" button above to be able to set up the DSL functionality, even if NO devices have been detected in the start dialog.

First installation:
During the installation, the FRITZ!Card driver has not been installed yet. Therefore, to be able to use the "Internet Connection Test" at this stage, you have to switch to a text console with the key combination:


and execute there:

capiinit start

Then switch back to the YaST2 installation mask with the key combination:


Now you will be able to start YOU (YaST Online Update) without problems. <keyword>dsl,fritz,82,avm,isdn,internet,setup,configure</keyword>