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SDB:Mouse does not work in X11

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara


After finished installation everything seems to be fine, except your mouse pointer doesn't move at all.


1. Please switch to text console ([ctrl]+[alt]+[F1]), login as root, then execute this command:

init 3

As soon as you will get information that "runlevel 3" has been reached press 'enter'.

2. Now you should be back to command prompt line. Execute:

cat /dev/input/mice

After that move your mouse, click on buttons, etc. Did you get any output on the screen? If you could see reaction on your mouse movement please go to point 4. If there was no results for any kind of mouse movement please go to point 3.

3. Physically disconnect mouse from your computer, wait a while (about 15 sec.), plug it back in, again wait a while (about 15 sec.). Now try to move your mouse. Did you get any output on the screen? If there is still no reaction for your mouse movement, try to connect your mouse to a different port.

4. As soon as you could see on your screen results for mouse movement, you can stop 'cat' process with [ctrl]+[c].

5. Now execute


and as soon as you will get "Automatic graphic system setup" window, click on "OK" button.

6. Reboot your computer and check how does it work.

In case of problems you can get usefull information by executing commands (as root user):

hwinfo --mouse
sysp -s mouse