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SDB:Mount a DOS partition with all permissions for users

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How to mount a DOS partition with the possibility to give the permissions to all users to read and write on this partition?

How is a "normal" user able to mount a filesystem?


In the file /etc/fstab you can enter the mount option umask, to extend the permission access mask for all users:

/dev/sda1   /dosc   msdos   umask=000

To allow all users to mount a filesystem it is necessary to add the following option in the file /etc/fstab:

/dev/sda1   /dosc   msdos   user,umask=000

The option user does the required. If a user is able to mount a filesystem it isn't possible per default to start programs from this filesystem. To change this use the option exec as follows:

/dev/sda1   /dosc   msdos   user,exec,umask=000

Afterwards a "normal" user is allowed to mount or umount a DOS filesystem and to start programs from this filesystem further on they have read and write permissions on this filesystem. <keyword>dos,msdos,umask,mount,fstab,vfat32,mount,filesystem,user,root,permissions</keyword>