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SDB:Mirroring the Update Directories for YOU

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Version: 8.0 -


You want to mirror the current patches and updates locally and distribute them to other computers on your network. This might be necessary if the machines are protected by a firewall or if you want to save bandwidth.

The configuration of a local YOU server exceeds the scope of our free of charge installation support.


Mirroring the Packages

First, find a server that allows mirroring (not and read the server's mirror policy carefully. For mirroring purposes, use, for example, rsync

rsync -tvrl --stats --exclude=*.src.rpm --delete /dist/updates/i386/update/8.0/

In the example above, the entire SuSE-8.0_update directory with the exception of the src.rpm packages has been mirrored. The target is /dist/updates/i386/update/8.0/. Modify the rsync command as desired to mirror only certain directories or to limit the bandwidth. For more information, refer to< man rsync. To find out which directories are available via rsync, use

rsync -n

A cron entry can be used to automate the mirroring. For more information, check man crontab.

The target should point directly to the directory reachable via FTP. An FTP server might be required for this purpose.

Client Setup

The entry YAST2_LOADFTPSERVER can be set either with YaST2 and the sysconfig editor or manually, for example:

pico /etc/sysconfig/onlineupdate

Change the configuration to


The servers will be saved in the file /etc/suseservers. Insert your local FTP server in the first position:

Make sure you enter the right path. YaST2 error messages are logged in the file /var/log/y2log or, since SuSE Linux 8.1, /var/log/YaST2/y2log. If the clients report errors, search for the possible causes in this file first.

From now on, when the YaST2 Online Update is started, you will see your server in the server selection.

Some instructions for the automatic update of clients by way of a cronjob can be found in the last section of

SDB:Using YaST2 in Text Mode <keyword>you,mirror</keyword>