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SDB:Manual Setup of the SmartLink Driver (SUSE LINUX 9.1)

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Version: 9.1


You want to integrate your SDB:WinModems and Linux that is supported by the SmartLink driver in SUSE LINUX 9.1. However, the automatic setup of your WinModem in the YaST Control Center fails.


The SmartLink driver does not work when using a kernel with SMP support. In this case (e.g., when using a Pentium 4 processor with hyperthreading), install the standard kernel. In this connection, see SDB:Changing the Preinstalled SMP Kernel .

  • The SmartLink driver is not 64-bit-capable. Therefore, it is not included in the 64-bit version of our distribution.
  • The SUSE LINUX AG installation support does not cover problems with proprietary drivers.


Proceed as follows to set up your modem manually in SUSE LINUX 9.1:

  1. Boot the SUSE LINUX system and log in as a user.
  2. Open a console and enter the command "sux -".
  3. When prompted, enter the administrator password.
  4. Enter the command yast -i smartlink-softmodem to install a background service needed for the SmartLink driver with YaST.
  5. Leave the console open and, in the YaST Control Center, select System -> Editor for /etc/sysconfig Files.
  6. In the tree structure to the left, select Hardware -> Modem -> SLMODEMD_DEVICE.
  7. In this section, select the entry SLMODEMD_COUNTRY. If necessary, replace the data in the input field with the land in which you are located. For example, the entry for Germany is GERMANY. To view a complete list of supported countries, enter the command slmodemd --countrylist.
  8. If you have an internal modem, skip the following step and continue with step 10.
  9. If you have a USB modem, select the entry SLMODEMD_DEVICE in the opened section and replace the data in the input field with slusb0.
  10. Click Finish and confirm the following change list with OK.
  11. Change to the console and enter the following two commands in the indicated order:
    • insserv -d slmodemd
    • /etc/init.d/slmodemd start
  12. Close the console by pressing the key combination [CTRL]+[D] twice.
  13. Change back to the YaST Control Center and select Network Devices -> Modem.
  14. If you have already configured your modem with YaST, delete this information including the provider data under Change... and terminate the configuration dialog. Then reopen the modem configuration in the YaST Control Center.
  15. Even if your modem is detected, selact Other (not detected) and click Configure....
  16. In Modem device, enter /dev/ttySL0 manually.
  17. Click Details.
  18. Set Baud rate to 115200.
  19. Click OK then Next.
  20. From this point, perform the settings as described in the User Guide from page 99, last paragraph.