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SDB:Make a Bootdisk with 10.1

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 10.1


You'd like to boot from floppy disk or install SUSE Linux from floppy disk but you can not set up Bootdisks within YaST.


The boot files are split across several floppy disks.

To create boot disks, run 'mkbootdisk' (the program is in this directory) on a Linux system:

1. Mount CD1 or DVD (e.g. to /media/cdrom).

2. Run

/media/cdrom/boot/i386/mkbootdisk /media/cdrom

to create boot disk image files bootdisk1 - bootdiskN. (The i386 directory could als be x86_64. This depandse on your pc's architecture.)

3. Write these image files to floppies, using e.g.

dd if=bootdisk1 of=/dev/fd0

(and bootdisk2 - bootdiskN accordingly).

4. A short usage summary of 'mkbootdisk' gives

mkbootdisk --help

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